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Dating icebreakers Exactly What to Say in an Online Dating Icebreaker If you’re not getting many responses back from your icebreaker messages and the ladies you’re contacted aren’t even checking out your profile after having read them, then it’s probable that you need a little guidance in this arena. While no one gets a 100% response rate, and this happens for a variety of reasons, none of which you can

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Icebreakers for online dating Online Dating: First Message Tips Revealed Online Dating: Bad Form Exposed! While most people agree on the general specifics of what does not constitute a good first email message to that cute girl whose profile you have been eyeing, there is much more disagreement surrounding what does make a good first date message. Examples of a bad first date message include anything with the words “honey”,

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Good icebreakers for online dating 3 Keys to Write Dating Messages that Actually Get Dates Don’t Listen to Bad Advice If you look around on websites for good icebreaker messages you’ll find cookie cutter open ended questions that result in severe annoyance for those on the receiving end of them. That’s because they’re stupid. Take for instance this ice breaker message: “Tell me two truths and a lie!” First of